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About Us

Innovation Starter is Bulgaria’s first innovation agency that has been partnering with business and the public sector for 10 years to design a long-term culture of innovation.

Over the years, the company has experienced a series of transformations alongside the rapid and complex development of its business. In the beginning (2014) we only organized innovation trainings, but we quickly moved into the development of thematic events (2015), consulting projects (2016), and for several years we have been developing our accelerator program to support startups (2020).

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Our focus is to transfer international innovation know-how of the latest generation in Bulgaria by training startups and mature companies to use innovation methods in their work, financial tools to finance innovative ideas and connecting them in our peer network.

The consultants in our team have completed training courses in the leading global institutions in the field of innovation such as Stanford, SIT, IICM.

We are the founders of the first major international innovation forum in Bulgaria, Innovation Explorer, and the largest public private innovation partnership in Bulgaria, Innovation Academy.

50% of Innovation Starter’s business is a not-for-profit investment in a culture of innovation for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country. Our dream is for Bulgaria to be a leading player in the knowledge economy, exporting to the world some of the highest quality innovations for people’s lives, climate actions and economic progress.