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Innovation Explorer 2017 Blitz Sessions – Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom

Innovation Explorer Day – 23.02.2017 Sofia Event Center

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, Chief Impact Officer for Singularity University

Интервюто за събитието взе Елена Пенева за “Списание 8”.

Q  Singularity University ‘s mission is to inspire the new leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. What do they usually aspire to do?

A  SU focuses on 12 Global Grand Challenges (GGC) (See list and definitions on our website.)  which addresses humanities basic needs, improving the quality of life, and mitigating existential risks.  SU fulfills its Mission through its education programs, innovation activities and by building a global community and platform that is working on initiatives that can impact billions of lives.  Today those initiatives range from creating new companies to creating new business innovation or product lines, to creating new policies or new R&D, or supporting resource mobilization and educational awareness – all focused to  solve the GGCs by leveraging exponential technologies to scale.

Q  I loved the list of the GGCs. Which one is the most urgent in your opinion?

A  When you listen to experts describe each challenge, you can be convinced that specific challenge is the most important – until you hear about the next one. They are all important and interrelated with each other, and we are making progress on them all. As an example, I am concerned about food production for our growing population and the state of our environment due to climate change, and also providing opportunities to lift people out of poverty. I am interested in how space technology could help address these problems. Monitoring land and crops from space is already very important and will become more powerful in the future. Also several companies are preparing to offer high speed internet from space across the planet. I think these will be important steps to give everyone in the world a chance to participate in the global economy.

Q  The pessimism about the future of the Earth and human kind is the predominant vision of our generation. Do you really think that something wonderful is coming? 

A  These exponential technologies are powerful tools, and are there are other powerful forces in the world. It is easy to imagine many ways things could go wrong. But there are also many ways that lives are improving around the world that we often ignore. For example, in recent years hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty in India and China. Many in China now have enough money to travel the world. Life expectancies have increased in many regions. Kenya now has cellphone based banking that is more sophisticated than the U.S. has. There have been many rapid advances and improvements, and we just need to continue those trends. It is tremendously exciting to find a new technology that can improve people’s lives – and this is happening every day. 

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