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Anna  Murray from Ashoka transfer and scale impact on global level

Innovation Explorer 2023. Anna Murray Interview.


Interviewer: Justin Toms

  1. How to convince more people innovation is needed for almost all areas today? How to engage them innovate or look for innovation in their everyday work?

The pace of transformations needed in societies behaviors and practices is faster than ever before with all the crises we are facing worlwide at a more rapid speed. For this reason, we need to accelerate in maybe a more disruptive way the way we do things day to day. And those new avenues, new practices and behaviors can only come from innovators. I would rather say we need more shared awareness of the levers innovators are trying to shift and as such gain support and inspire others.  

  1. What is your main motivation for doing all you do?

I still believe in humanity and that the good would eventually prevail. Idealistic, I know. Whenever I see the worst in us as people, I am also reminded about the incredible individuals that never give up in their fight for systematic change of societies for the good of all. 

  1. And how more successfully to teach children in innovation and in creating new solutions for the future?

Asking questions, all the questions possible, is the first step to unveil critical thinking, accountability, citizenship and get to explore what could change. Love kids asking questions as their reality is still untouched by fears and barriers grownups have. 

  1. What is your message to the Innovation Explorer 2023 audience? 

Collaboration with intent is beautiful in innovation as that is how we can transfer and scale impact at global level and change lives together.